Sustainability Meets Specialty: How Our Coffee Drives Better Practices

Sustainability Meets Specialty: How Our Coffee Drives Better Practices

At New World Tropical, we specialize in sourcing, importing, and providing some of the world's finest specialty coffee from the lush, tropical regions of Costa Rica. But for us, providing high-quality coffee is not just about the taste, it's also about ensuring that the practices used to produce it are sustainable for the environment, the workers of the coffee industry, and our customers.

Sustainability is a core value at New World Tropical, and we believe that it is essential for the long-term success of the coffee industry. It is worth noting that according to the International Coffee Organization, coffee is among some of the most traded commodities in the world. Sadly however, the coffee industry is responsible for the deforestation of over 2.5 million hectares of land just in Central America. Sustainable coffee on the other hand is grown in a way that preserves the natural environment and protects the rights of workers.
By sourcing and importing coffee that has been produced using sustainable practices, we are able to preserve the delicate ecosystems in which it is grown, support the livelihoods of the workers in the coffee industry, and provide our customers with a product that they can feel good about purchasing.

Unfortunately, not all coffee production is done with sustainability and ethics in mind, and the negative effects of this are all too real. Poorly managed coffee farms can lead to pollution of the local water and air, child labor, high carbon emissions, erosion of the land, and even deforestation. These practices not only harm the environment, but they also harm the workers and communities that depend on the coffee industry for their livelihoods.
However, in Costa Rica, the coffee community and the ICAFE work closely to ensure that these negative effects are minimized and sustainable practices are encouraged and enforced. By working with the Costa Rican ICAFE, we are able to ensure that all of our coffee is produced using sustainable practices that protect the environment and the dignity of coffee workers. This includes protecting wildlife habitats and investing in the workers of the coffee industry.

For example, our coffee is certified by the ICAFE, which ensures that fair trade practices, providing the workers of the coffee industry with fair wages and safe working conditions. This allows them to support their families and communities.
Moreover, we also prioritize transparency in our supply chain. This allows our customers to feel confident in their purchase, knowing that they are supporting a company that is committed to ethical and sustainable practices.
As a consumer, choosing to purchase and brew sustainable coffee like New World Tropical's, is not just about enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, it's about making a conscious choice to support ethical and sustainable practices. By choosing to purchase our coffee, you are supporting an industry that is committed to preserving the environment, protecting wildlife habitats, and providing fair wages and working conditions for the workers.

At New World Tropical, we believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword, it's a crucial aspect of the entire coffee value chain. By sourcing, importing and providing top-quality coffee selections that are regulated and certified by the Costa Rican ICAFE, we are doing our part to ensure that coffee is grown sustainably, ethically, and with the highest standards of quality.
As a socially and environmentally responsible company, we encourage you to join us in this mission by choosing New World Tropical's sustainable Costa Rican coffee. By purchasing our coffee, you are supporting a better future for the entire coffee value chain, from the growers to the roasters. So go ahead, brew a cup of our delicious, sustainable coffee and taste the difference it makes.
Together, we can make a positive impact and drive sustainable practices in the Costa Rican coffee industry. Try our sustainable coffee today and be part of the change.



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