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Pura Vida

We're working hard to share with you some of the best coffee we've enjoyed in a way that supports the coffee supply chain ethically while ensuring you get to enjoy a premium experience. Thank you for your business and support!

- Rafa and Molly -

As a Costa Rican-American company, we want to give our customers the experience of enjoying gourmet quality coffee from Costa Rica as it was meant to be—authentically Costa Rican from farm to shelf.

Our love for Costa Rica goes beyond our passion for coffee. To us Costa Rica means home, family, and great memories. Our goal is to share a little bit of authentic Costa Rican warmth with you through our coffee selections. We are confident in the superior quality of our roasts, and we hope you love the different combinations of flavors and aromas as much as we do.

All our coffee shipments are flown into the U.S. with the approval and sign off of Costa Rica's national Coffee Insitute (ICAFE), ensuring the quality, traceability, and ethical sourcing of the coffee you buy. Your purchase helps support small communities and traditional family businesses that carefully farm, harvest, process, roast, and export our golden grain.

We are just starting our journey, and we would love to grow with you! Contact us directly for wholesale, events, or large gift packages. If you have any feedback or comments please contact us.

Why Us

True Specialty-Grade

The term 'specialty coffee' means more than buzzwords; it represents the hard and meticulous work that coffee farmers and processing mills have put into their coffee harvests. Our roast selections come from Costa Rican farms whose coffee lots have achieved Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) cupping scores of at least 84. According to the SCA, only coffee beans that achieve cupping scores of 80 and above are considered specialty-grade.

Tradition and Passion

As a Costa Rican-American company, we value and respect the long and rich history that coffee has within Costa Rica. The country and its golden grain are so intertwined that even the Costa Rican national coat of arms pays homage to coffee beans. It was towards the end of the 1700's that the first Coffea Arábica seeds were brought to the then Spanish province of Costa Rica. Costa Rica was the first Central American country to establish its coffee industry, which continues to evolve and improve today.

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Beyond Single Origin

We take the term 'single origin' one step further beyond country of origin. Although small, Costa Rica enjoys an abundance of micro-climates and biodiverse environments that form 8 distinct coffee producing regions. Just like wine, we believe there is a lot of value in highlighting the distinct region of origin of our coffee selections. Our coffee selections have exquisite tasting notes and exceptional aromas due to the different soil profiles, climates, and geographical characteristics of their micro-region of origin.