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Quality Sourcing

Costa Rica's tradition of exquisite coffee is carefully protected by strict regulations and traceability standards that ensure the ethical production of our golden grain. Our connection to the processing mills allows our roasters to select top beans from farms whose coffee lots have achieved Specialty-grade cupping scores. All our single origin coffee selections have cupping scores of 84 and above.

Washed & Sundried Processing

Our coffee selections are harvested by hand when the coffee berry is fully ripened. The coffee berries are then depulped and the beans are allowed to ferment briefly. The beans are later washed to remove any flesh and allowed to sun dry for seven days. Washed processing produces a clean cup with increased complexity that highlights the natural flavors and aromas of the beans.

Roasted at Origin

With more than 20 years of experience, our Costa Rican roasters know their coffee better than anyone else, and they are in touch with the intricacies of each coffee harvest. Their mastery and knowledge come together with each small, 12 lb. batch to produce an expertly roasted bean accentuated by its flavors and aromas. Our goal is to bring you our coffee so you can enjoy it as it was meant to be — authentically Costa Rican.

Single Origin | Small-Batch Roasted


From Costa Rica
An Authentic Experience

Farm to Shelf

As it was meant to be
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Nicoya Blue Zone
Light Dark Roast | Smooth Body & Acidity
Notes of Cocoa & Berries | 87 Cupping Score

¡Pura vida!

Come closer to an at-origin specialty coffee experience and try our exquisite selections from the various coffee-producing regions of Costa Rica

Know your beans

Tarrazú Coffee Region

What makes the coffee from this region some of the finest in the world?

Protected by the country's tallest mountains, this biodiverse sanctuary fosters the best coffee producing region for Costa Rica.

Tarrazu's combination of high elevation, temperate climate, and fertile volcanic soils produces an exquisite cup of coffee.

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Customer Reviews


If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you should definitely add New World Tropical to your rotation! I am fond of the Tarrazú blend, a dark roast that’s light in mouthfeel with none of the bitterness you can sometimes find with other brands. I also love the authenticity of this company, not only are you supporting a family-run business, but you’re buying an authentic Costa Rican bean that comes direct from local farmers. It’s a win-win for me and my mug!

Melissa P.
Newport News, VA

New World Tropical coffees stand above all other local coffees for me. I’ve enjoyed ground and whole bean Tarrazú and whole bean Naranjo. All have a smooth, satisfying flavor that needs no cream or sweetener like other coffees. I look forward to my morning coffee more than ever before. Life is full of necessary compromises, but when it comes to my coffee, now there is no other.

Robert N.
California, MD

New World Tropical has made me rethink premium coffee. The taste is authentic, well-balanced & so flavorful. Other known coffee brands just don't compare.

Kristen K.
Annapolis, MD

I look forward to my New World Tropical coffe every morning! The freshly ground coffee is aromatic and tasty. The ordering process is easy.

Rebekah L.
Hollywood, MD